WE WILL WIN THE FUTURE, photo by leyink.

Kind of fitting to go from the high profile Kennedy’s “Ask not” Inaugural speech to the nearly as high profile Barack Obama 2011 State of the Union.

Although both looked towards an uncertain but boundless future, both didn’t employ the same … economy of speech.

I spent a lot of the speech putting thought bubbles over John Boehner’s head: Renewable energy? I’ll clap – WAIT A MINUTE – Oil subsidies?? Education? Guess I gotta cla– taking Bank subsidies??? C’mon!! Simplify tax code? Well who doesn’t want-SONOFABITCH Get your hands OFF the top 5%.

However long it was, this speech felt to me to be FINALLY the declaration that by dammit, this is OUR future and we are finally going to seize it.

Sulu, set course for the Federation, Warp 6.

I was thinking of another title but when I saw this photo, any thoughts of title or anything but “OBAMA HAS 3D GLASSES SO HE CAN SEE THE FUTURE!!!” flew right out of my head. Lindsay writes that she is a Futurist. Coolhunter. Pixel lover. She’s nailed them all here. Check out leyink.com. Really. Do it.

You can watch the regular old State of the Union or check out the enhanced version below:


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