So John S and Kodot Verichrome walk into a bar and order a Hipstamatic…

Bad Hair Day by 2Hoog

As I may have mentioned and as anyone who has spent time with my Flickr (or me) my iPhone camera is the Hipstamatic app, which produces images like the one above. The reasoning that produced this curious obsession went something like this:

  1. The iPhone camera is really really bad.
  2. I hate it.
  3. There’s gotta be an app for that.

For me, that app is Hipstamatic, which has become the top photo app. It is one of a number of apps that apply actions/filters to the image to adjust color, focus and image quality. To me, it seems to smooth away the jaggy edges of the default “photos” produced by the phone and turn them into something that makes it a little bit easier to dial in on the subject of the photograph.

Hipstamatic allows you to change your lens, film and flash to approximate actual cameras, flash & film. If you’re wondering, there are 336 possible combinations in the default pack you get with the camera (yes, you can buy more). To make my addiction to this “camera” I’m sure worse, I have locked my Hipstamatic to use only the John S lens and Kodot Verichrome film. There’s a quality to it that I really like that seems to go well with what I like to take pictures of.

The photo is titled Bad Hair Day and it was taken by 2Hoog, or Jan Ferwerda, photographer as he is also known when he’s not changing his name to hide from Joker Jr. here or shooting photos of the Dutch Light, dogs who would rather be elsewhere and The Afterworld.

John appears to suffer from acute Hipstamatic addiction as well and curiously enough, exclusively uses the John S and Kodot Verichrome combo as well.

Dive into his Flickriver.


2 thoughts on “So John S and Kodot Verichrome walk into a bar and order a Hipstamatic…

  1. Jan says:

    Hello Farlane,

    Thank you very much! And The Joker jr. is very happy with it:-)
    Keep on John S & Kodot Verichrome …

  2. Love it man! i wish someone could come up with an action so that we can apply this effect to any image

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