Rain is good … most of the time

Comerica Park

We had some rain last weekend that probably depressed attendance at the first ever Traverse City Wine & Art Festival. It felt like we had plenty of people though!

This morning on Michigan in Pictures I have a post where I started thinking about rain and events and tourism and such and how I’m still going to the first-ever Traverse City Microbrew & Music Festival.

I do know that the rain will depress attendance at events like the TC Beer Fest that are just getting going and also at established ones that rely on good weather for big crowds. At a time when major event sponsors and – in cases like the GR & Leelanau bike races – whole events are vanishing due to Michigan’s dire economic climate, it seems to me that it’s almost a duty to lace on those boots and don raingear and get out to support & enjoy these events.

In Traverse City this year, our CVB started a new committee that is engaging lodging properties in the establishment, creation and promotion of events at a high level. I suspect that it’s going to help a lot of events that might otherwise fail to keep going and wonder if there are similar efforts on the statewide level brewing as well.

Check this and other pics out bigger in Nathan’s favorites slideshow or in his Detroit Tiger set.

…on a possibly related but probably unrelated note, we had a post earlier this week on Absolute Michigan about how the Tigers were providing folk in Michigan with something to roar about that you might enjoy.


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