Cliff Branch is still probably faster than you

My brother just got my son a pair of wide receiver gloves signed by Cliff Branch*. Apparently he was at a Wal Mart in Vegas signing stuff.

Cliff was a rockin awesome receiver who featured prominently in the playground games of my youth. On that field as on the gridirons of the NFL, Cliff dropped a lot of balls as he tried to make those tough catches … he caught a lot of them too.

From Whatever Happened to Cliff Branch?:

What was your favorite route to run?

Cliff Branch: I always like to run to “Cliff’s Corner” as much as possible. Whenever we faced that direction in the Coliseum, it would a deep pattern in the direction of the Cliff’s Corner. For one thing when I used to line up we didn’t flip-flop the receivers so I was always on the left and when we were heading in that direction that would be heading north of the Coliseum so that would always be on the side where John Madden and our team players would be on that side of the bench. I scored a lot of touchdowns in that particular corner. My whole game was playing the team deep and coming up with big plays on deep patterns. It was a good luck corner.

Video: Cliff Branch – Cover Me from RaideRants.

* Hey NFL, can we have just ONE picture of each of your players for Wikipedia? It’s not all about you . Seriously, it’s total BS that there’s a total lack of available media from 1950 on – I get copyright law, but this is ridiculous.


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