Enter the Lorax

In Machine-Animal Destructo-Mat, Roger Peet writes that he’s impressed by the time and energy put into the development of new methods of destroying all life, even to emulating the semblances of life through biomimicry in the pursuit of destroying it.

There’s a certain insight available into the tangled economic logic underpinning industrial world-destruction available through images and video of these machines. Notice that the precision of the Timberjack’s stepping mechanism is so lovingly described…if it were to sense a rare orchid below its ten-ton tread, lo! It would pull the offending limb away and whisper a prayer of thanks to Gaia for her wisdom. And then the process of ripping the forest down and shredding it would continue. I imagine a little cartoon bluebird perched on the Timberjack, trilling a happy song!

I imagine facing an army of the damn things after rogue Eastern European hackers crack their command codes. Hopefully Spiderman will be able to take care of them…


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