Look away from the Gorgon

Godchecker’s Gorgon Advisory: If confronted by Gorgon, avert eyes. Produce mirror from pocket. Show mirror to Gorgon. Her reflection will turn her to stone and she will perish. Return mirror to pocket. Give self well-deserved pat on back. Repeat as necessary.

Despite how tremendously unprepared I feel Sara Palin is to be President, Vice President or In Any Position That Is in Any Way in Charge of Me, I’ve realized that she’s in the race right now for one overiding reason: to drag it down into the mud. Once there, it can become about our nation’s irreconcilable personal and emotional images on matters like family, religionand our unspoken dislike of each other instead of about real and concrete discussions of our economic & political state and the future of our civilization.

The image is a slightly tweaked version of one of the images under The Gorgons at Wikimedia Commons. Dig the shoes.


2 thoughts on “Look away from the Gorgon

  1. Kate says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. And the shoes are beyond description!

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