Issues? We don’t need no steenking issues!

In Slate’s Political Gabfest for September 12, David Plotz says that he’s sickened by the state of our nation’s economy and place in the world and the world’s own hazardous plight. Sickened by the notion that anything the press says is now suspect, by the thought that what was going to be a rich and interesting about real and substantive issues is going to become a discussion of Palin’s personal life.

As a prologue to what appears to be becoming the scariest election is likely the most terrifying video I have ever seen.

I think this is part 2 of the interview. Then again, it may be part 1

I will try to get my deer conciousness out of the headlights of this election, but I tell you it’s almost impossible when a candidate like this is in reality and not on Saturday Night Live.


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