Another Marshall Plan.

I’m not old enough to remember the Marshall Plan, or as Wikipedia sez, the “European Recovery Program”.

Major governmental initiatives I remember are mostly wars on nebulous foes like Drugs, Terror and  Objectionable Record Lyrics. Somewhere before I reached awareness that We the People of the United States of America could actually focus change through our government, We the People seemed to lose our collective appetite for ambitious campaigns. Maybe Vietnam and the social struggles of the 60s and 70s beat the New Dealing, Marshall Planning, Space Racing, Great Societizing impulse right out of us.

Whatever it is, the last 30 years have seen a nation that has attempted little that could be called ambitious, preferring instead to coast into the future. Unfortunately, neither the rest of the world or the world itself seems content to stop pedaling, and we’re left blearily standing on the curb watching the future race past us as we wonder if we’ll end up in the second or third world … or if there will indeed be a world for us or our children.

I heard yesterday that the average child in our country has a higher level of anxiety than the average institutionalized child in the 1950s. A large percentage of the population is dramatically strapped by energy, food and other prices that are outstripping income. We’re mired in war in two nations and unable to do more than watch as the Russian bear goes on the hunt again and tyrants the world around decide the paths of nations.

Our response? Drill here, drill now?

I hope that if nothing else, our dire situation will focus us to make a massive investment in the future of our country, our people and the peoples of all the world.

The photo is titled Jumptacular and that’s my family.


One thought on “Another Marshall Plan.

  1. cloaknbadger says:

    Well, the nation’s roads are crumbling, health care is a shambles and the education system is sub-par, but Saddam was a bad dude…we need to have priorities.

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