One ADAM-12, we have an origins episode in progress, over


Lifehacker – which seems to have the goal of increasing productivity so that they can then destroy it
with links like this, has a post about OPENhulu:

You may have already heard of Hulu, a closed beta, on-demand TV service from NBC Universal and News Corp. designed to stream the latest new shows from NBC, Fox, Bravo, Sci Fi, and more YouTube-style. But you may not have heard of OpenHulu, a Hulu clone that’s attempting to embed every video from Hulu (which is part of how Hulu is designed to work) so you don’t need an invitation to Hulu to enjoy the free, on-demand TV.

You can go watch Adam-12 – Log 1: The Impossible Mission or find a bunch more shows at OPENhulu.

I have to thank The Real Ferg for the photo processing idea.


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