TV that goes Boing

Boing Boing TV

Boing Boing calls itself a directory of wonderful things. Just the other day, they launched Boing Boing TV. and they plan to do 5 segments a week of 5 minutes or less according to this WIRED article as a “natural, sustainable extension of the blog”.:

Wired: You said you’d been approached by TV networks about something similar, and I agree with you that it doesn’t seem like it would be possible to carry a pure version of Boing Boing onto a television network. Why is that?

Xini Jardin: Nothing’s out of the question in the future. But a lot of people in Hollywood have this idea that the web is just something you mine for hits, and that the ultimate endgame for anything internet-video-related is that you get a cable pilot or movie deal out of it. But maybe the web is the endgame. We’re not in this to make a killing; we’re in this to make a living, and to explore things in a freer way than we would be able to on network television. The economics and nature of the traditional television medium do not foster the kind of free-wheeling exploration that we’ve been spoiled to have on the web. If you can just keep on doing that, but with video, why would you say no?

It’s too soon to tell what the endgame is (and if this is a part of it), but I’ll place my bet that the Unicorn Chaser bit doesn’t survive the month of October. I’ll also place a bet that web video is about to explode in a way that doesn’t neatly fit into a TV exec’s fancy briefcase.

About the photo: I don’t know what to say about the picture other than that I’m not sure I’m going to tell Kevin that I modded his TV picture (in accordance with his license of course) and I sure as heck doubt I’ll tell Xini Jardin that I hacked her into said modified TV.


2 thoughts on “TV that goes Boing

  1. Kevin Steele says:

    Heh, you don’t need to tell me since you posted it on the internet with proper attribution. Thanks!

  2. farlane says:

    Ooops Caught out.

    I got Fond of the Image and was worried you’d object. Thanks for being a good sport.

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