New Jack Science

Without Science by Brian Talbot

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”
Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

One of the Michigan blogs I like – bootstrap analysis – had a link to The Scientist’s attempts to compile a list of the best life science blogs.

As I was poking through the blogs they listed I found The Jacks of Science. In addition to a steady stream of accessible and entertaining posts like iTaxonomy, where you can learn the basics about taxonomy (including the fact that it’s rapidly becoming a lost art) or the hideous two-faced walnut moon, movie features like Why Do I Study Science? Destruction and this hilarious video about spiders & drugs, the Jacks serve up some cool science themed playlists. Dance robot, dance.

Brian Talbot made this tilt shift of The Christian Science Center in Boston, Massachusetts (see more tilt-shifts by Brian w/ link to tutorial). He’s a web designer, information architect and amateur photographer and says…

I also use quotes alongside my photography. Quotes are something that I’ve always enjoyed and have vowed to gather, use and share. Pairing words with images seemed like a natural combination which adds more to both the written thoughts of an individual and the visual image captured by another.


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