Obsession = thinking + thinking + thinking

One of my favorite blogs, bootstrap analysis, had a pointer to The New Math Of Global Warming in Mother Jones magazine. It’s a slideshow of interesting equations by Craig Damrauer like Inertia = What we are doing / what we should be doing to represent our “action” on this issue.

A post in the global climate change group on Flickr cites E. O. Wilson of Harvard, the world’s most esteemed biologist, as estimating that one half of all species now on earth will be extinct by the end of this century and the fact that seven out of ten biologists believe the world is now in the midst of the fastest mass extinction of species in the 4.5-billion-year history of the planet.

As a writer, amateur photographer and media producer, I’ve always been enamored of the possibility of writing or photographing or filming something that would be so powerful as to wake masses of people up. I think I’ve pretty much accepted that it’s about impossible to wake someone up who is intentionally drugging themselves to sleep.

About the photo: It might be titled Eisberge, Brandsfield Strasse, Antarctica (Iceberg, Brandsfield Straits, Antarctica).


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