Excuse me, my bee killah is buzzing

 Sunset Warrior Returning

I had thought that the possibility that cell phones are causing Colony Collapse Disorder in honey bees was common knowledge. A conversation with my sister (who was on her cell phone of course) clued me in to the fact that it wasn’t.

Honey bee populations have suddenly begun to decline, and some British researchers think the proliferation of cell phones is a contributing cause.

A limited study at Landau University has found that bees will abandon their hives when cell phones are turned on and placed next to them.

If cell phones are to blame, will you hang yours up for good?

The photo is titled Sunset Warrior Arriving. It makes a cool background and is part of a stunning set of bee photos.


One thought on “Excuse me, my bee killah is buzzing

  1. Oldtimer says:

    I certainly would hang up if cellphones were to blame, but only if it is shown that cellphone distant from hives would be a factor. I can see that having one close to a hive might disrupt them, but I’ve not been within a few hundred feet of a hive (knowingly) for many years.

    It would be interesting to see how hives are affected when moved within different ranges of cell towers, microwave transmission toweres, etc. I’m afraid that the world has gone too far to give up sonar for whales and cell phones for bees. I reckon when the bees are gone, many of us will go with them for lack of food.

    I suspect that many beekeepers bring cellphones with them as they tend to the bees. Maybe they should not.

    I have a few bee pictures too, on azalias mostly.


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