The power of the true fans

Golden Calf by abstracthope

This is probably not news to lots of people, but apparently Howard Stern is urging people to visit and vote for Sanjaya Malakar to win American Idol. Sanjaya is apparently quite untalented so we of course should not be idolizing him. Simon Cowell has threatened to quit if Sanjaya is not met with the voter scorn he apparently deserves.

A Fox spokeswoman declined to comment on Mr. Cowell’s comment, but the network said in a statement that efforts like Mr. Stern’s do not affect the results. “With 30 million votes every week, and hundreds of millions of votes over the season, the power of true fans of ‘American Idol’ dwarfs any attempt of people trying to gain notoriety,” the statement said. “Despite the press coverage, these campaigns don’t affect who moves forward in the competition.”

I am a little bit skeptical of the notion that Howard Stern could actually gain any more notoriety than he already has, but I could be wrong. I am also a little scared of the awesome power of true fans of the Idol*. Read Howard Stern Tries to Kill ‘American Idol’ With Kindness for a Weak Link in the New York Times.

The photo is titled Golden Calf and was taking in Chinatown, NYC by Candace Hope. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with her photos.

* I’m also a little alarmed about this.


2 thoughts on “The power of the true fans

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  2. ripismoney says:

    Though I do not watch American Idol (except perhaps a few minutes this season to see LaKisha), it is a shame that we now seek entertainment from the worst. Being from Michigan, I certainly hope Mr. Stern’s efforts fall short, and that hometown LaKisha can bring some glory back to Flint.

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