Demolition, Vegas style

Got Detroit? tipped me off to the hyper-cool video of the demolition of the Stardust Hotel in fabulous Laaaas Vegas (that’s how the TV station I watched Superfriends on every afternoon before work would say it). I used to work two doors down under the big clown and many times saw about the same view (usually when coming out of the Riviera at 5 am after a post-work bowling marathon.

He says that this is totally how Detroit should demolish Tiger Stadium. I think I would prefer 9 giant robots of Tiger greats wielding titanium baseball bats with Ernie Harwell on the call (…and Kaline rears back and those press boxes are looong gone!) but that’s probably out of the city’s price range.


One thought on “Demolition, Vegas style

  1. ImaPseudonym says:

    I like your idea better. Thanks.

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