What the world needs now…

Duckie Love by SueSue2

…is more duckies loving their fellow duckies.

Hope your Valentines Day … or love life … or love of life is ducktacular!

This photo is Duckie Love by suesue2. Her photos aregreat – go and check them out!


One thought on “What the world needs now…

  1. TheHype says:

    hee, those are awesome.. even though I don’t particularly have a Valentine’s..sniffff haha

    And those would fit in perfectly with ZeFrank’s pad!

    ps: farlane–I love how that Nash post is STILL getting mileage around here, like my Gilbert-TShirt thingy.. still top hits for like the 10weeks straight. Which begs the question: coming back with any photoshoppin detonations? or ya waiting for the playoffs? I need someone I can steal emulate a style from!

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