January 6th has a big hole in it

Where syrup comes from...

Today is my dad’s birthday. As he died 18 years ago, I suppose I should say “was” but I don’t think I ever will. Every January 6th, I spend a large part of the day missing him for a lot of reasons. Golf isn’t any fun any more (and doubly un-fun since my father-in-law passed on), and I don’t get nearly the enjoyment from watching sports that I did when I could sit down, watch a game with him and learn what made Bob Feller such a hard pitcher to hit (devastating control) and what it was like to man up Dave Debuscherre (really, really hard because he never took a second off on either end). Plus there’s nobody to get me great seats out of seemingly thin air.

I tend to focus on sports when remembering him, but there are countless things – books, cribbage, cooking, ideas, hanging out, my kids’ lives – that would be richer were he a part of them.

My dad took the photo above. There are a some more he took right here.


3 thoughts on “January 6th has a big hole in it

  1. Neil says:

    It is touching that 18 years later, he is still very much alive for you.

  2. jonathantu says:

    That was a great post.

  3. farlane says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. Happy new year and all!

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