Don’t Wait

Outside the Cliff Bells by CAVE CANEM

OK, so this is a slightly different take on the usual “find a shiny internet thing, match it with a shiny photo” thing. I’m going to add a slightly sappy story. Blog 3.0.

The photographer of this picture is a guy named CAVE CANEM (you have to use caps – he’s that kind of guy). He is one of the funnier people that I have ever met through the internet and quicker with banter than all but a handful of people I know on or offline. Actually, his name isn’t really CAVE CANEM … it’s Race Bannon. Actually, I have no idea what the heck his name is. Probably not all that important.

What is important is that I had a chance to see a show of his photos which I quite like (contrary to outward appearances). Unfortunately, I was Busy in a Winnie-the-Pooh-Grownup Busy way and couldn’t make the drive to Detroit for the show. Next time I said. Then, just a couple weeks later, he packed up and moved to Seattle – the Michigan economy strikes home.

Anyway, here’s the link to his photo, the equal of which I hope to take one day. and here’s that shiny internet thing that loosely ties in with this post.

Don’t wait.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Wait

  1. Indeed a striking photo. I just wonder what are those two bundles seemingly going to and fro between the two buildings up high. Looks like a communication method. LOL.


  2. farlane says:

    Heh. Potentially. I believe they are a pair of shoes and that the message they are conveying is “Time to get a new pair of shoes”

  3. Hoho. Indeed, it isn’t more serious than that.


  4. tyger says:

    Hi farlane (hi Jose),

    Just found your blog – some great images. You should put them on the internet…

    PS. hat-tip to a fellow Neil Young fan!

  5. farlane says:

    Thanks. Most of the photos on this blog are taken by Other People. Click any of them to get to the real photographers.

    I was just talking yesterday with someone about how continually re-inventive and authentic Neil is.

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