All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

6th Grader's Riff on the American Flag

Sigh. I remember when I used to be funny. Now it’s nothing but articles like this one where Lou Dobbs tries to rally the middle class to charge up Porkchop Hill and take the US back from the forces of the Kaiser (played artfully by Dick Cheney with a huge supporting cast from both sides of the aisle. This isn’t Republican v. Democrat, it’s special interests v. the disinterested. Dobbs’ quite excellent piece talks about how our elected officials are swamped in an army of lobbyists (just 63 in DC in 1968, now over 34,000 spending over $2 billion per year), how politicians love to focus on distracting wedge issues like gay marriage, the pledge of allegiance, school prayer, judicial appointments, gun control, stem cell research and welfare reform, and how disengaged our electorate has become. He concludes:

Without that strong, clear and vibrant voice, all the major decisions about America and our future will be made by the elites of government, big business and the dominant special interests. Those elites treasure your silence, as it enables them to claim America’s future for their own.

PHOTO CREDIT: Unknown 6th grader. Person who posted this and other flags by kids said…

“The split red and blue on the flag shows how America is split by the current government. The faces represent other nations and the headphones represent America’s closed mindedness to other nations.”
–Student artist’s own words.

This art was exhibited on a bulletin board of a gifted and talented magnet shool in the US. I won’t name the school for fear that it might alert federal agents to investigate and intimidate the teacher or the school for being “anti-american”.

Dammitall. I am sick of this. Can we please have our country back?


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