NBA Comix: Legends of Greek Basketball

Legends of Greek Basketball

A few notes.

  1. I really did look for legends. I think Greece would be hard put to field a team in the Legends of the World One-on-One Tournament.
  2. The kid above is not Greek. He merely represents the caliber of player our team was prepared to face.
  3. Man, it’s a damn good thing we didn’t take Bruce Bowen – the results could have been humiliating.
  4. Say whatever you want about how the NBA is the end-all, be-all of basketball, but I think it’s feeble as hell that the USA can’t put together a competitive team. Tip for the selection committee: “Me First” doesn’t fly on the world stage.

4 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Legends of Greek Basketball

  1. TheHype says:

    Recycled joke ad nauseum but I’m still going for it: Isiah Thomas just signed that kid to a 5-year 800$ Billion dollar contract!

  2. farlane says:

    Look at those hands – definitely a Knicks-style player.

  3. Vas says:

    Nikos Galis, european champion and best european player for 1987. Silver medal in 1989 european championship.

    Panagiotis Giannakis, European champion in 1987 (captain), silver medal in 1989,European clubs champion in 1996, Currently he is the coach of the national team that won the european title in 2005 and silver in the WC in Japan a few days ago.

    As you already know by now, there are many great players outside of the NBA,some of which are legends.

  4. Hans Albertsson says:

    Looking for the big star of Greek basketball. George Trontzows. He was superstar during the 1965-1975 Where is he?

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