David Stern: Tyrant or Dictator?

Tyrant or Dictator?

Detroit News sportswriter Chris McCoskey drops the hammer today on everyone’s favorite commish with an absolutely scathing column:

David Stern is either out of control or too much in control. It’s not good, either way.

He might be the most effective and successful commissioner in all of professional sports, but I am starting to suspect he’s gotten drunk on his own power. His need for utter and absolute control is bordering on the maniacal.

It’s one thing for the commissioner to have firm control on the business side of the game, but Stern has crossed over and is now lording over the competition side, as well. And that is a real problem.

Read the rest of Stern: Commish or tyrant? because Chris makes some really valid points about where the NBA could be headed.

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3 thoughts on “David Stern: Tyrant or Dictator?

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  2. -A. says:


    I really enjoyed the McCoskey article.

    I still do not know how I should feel about the Finals.

    I am a huge fan of the NBA. I follow it rather closely.
    This year’s playoffs were so great until the Finals. Then it sort of sucked.
    I am NJ Net fan but typically pick teams to root for in the playoffs.
    I WAS rooting for Dallas so I can’t be 100% sure.
    But it did seem like the life was sucked out of those last 2 or 3 games.

    I really am not a Kobe Byrant fan but if he was getting the calls
    Wade was getting he could average 82 points a game.

    It makes me sad because I do not know what to do.
    part of me says, screw it!, and stop watching.
    If there was a D-League team were I live maybe I would go watch that.
    but then I think
    do I let the bad refs/league/Stern stuff ruin everything for me?

    I am left with watching and waiting for the genuine moments
    (like, let’s say, Ben Wallace’s block on Shaq.)
    and having to stomach and try to ignore that Wade punched Dirk in the chest

    a Dirk was called for a foul.

    Walker is a “Champion”.
    Zo is a “Champion”
    Shaq is “The Greatest Center Ever”
    Reily he is a “Genius”

    And LeBron… he doesn’t walk.

  3. ripismoney says:

    Stern is starting to cross the line as he tries to control every aspect of the league. No doubt the NBA is doing great in terms of fans and income, but the officiating in the finals was horrible…

    I am really glad I made the switch to WordPress — it seems like a much more powerful publishing tool than Blogger.

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