NBA Comix: Lebron’s Reasons

Lebron's Reasons

Need4Sheed is hosting the latest Carnival of the NBA, plus the Cavalier over at YAYSports really likes the pie charts. I’m just sad I couldn’t figure out a way to fit Antoine Walker in there somewhere…

Those who have been living under rocks or just plain don’t care about the NBA might not be aware that Lebron James took a very long time to sign his contract extension but finally did so.

It’s interesting to note that Lebron is the only NBA player whose personal web site comes up ahead of their “official” bio page on a Google search. What’s up with that?


4 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Lebron’s Reasons

  1. Boney24 says:

    only 2%? I thought I was contributing at least 3-4%…

    Cav doesn’t like me anymore…I think my posts are witty.

  2. Todd Lerner says:

    I think you’re kinda a douche.

    By the way, the Apartment 3B observation is an instant classic! I laughed out loud.

  3. thehype says:

    I think we all need to hug it out…bitch.

    Farlane, I like the added emphasis on “NEXT” 2003 draftee heh, I had to re-read that one to make sense in my puny puny brain.

  4. schizo says:

    oh nice pie chart! apt 3b hahahaha! wonder what he was doing.

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