NBA Comix: I’m so sad that I can’t think up a funny headline

Ben Wallace goes to the frikkin bulls and you're reading ALT tags??

The headline says it all. Or most of it. Big Ben was the heart & soul of the Pistons, and now he’s gone. Stuff like that reminds you that even though you may get into the team aspect of the game, it comes down to the Benjamins in the end (insert stupid pun here).

There’s a tendency to blame the player who leaves, hate them for sleeping with the enemy, disrespect their contributions and skills because they’re no longer “yours”. None of that for me. Ben Wallace was a great Pistons and really helped to build the Pistons into a champion. I’ll miss him.

Good discussion as usual on Detroit Bad Boys and Need4Sheed.

A potential bright spot is what looks to be the signing of Nazr Mohammed. Nah-zee. Fun to say I guess, but it’s not the chime of Big Ben.

DETROIT — The Detroit Pistons reached an agreement with free-agent center Nazr Mohammed on Tuesday, a day after losing Ben Wallace to the Chicago Bulls, a person within the NBA told the Associated Press.

The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because NBA free agents can’t officially sign contracts until July 12, said the team and Mohammed made an oral pact on a five-year contract — with the final year being an option — that will pay him about $5 million next season.


3 thoughts on “NBA Comix: I’m so sad that I can’t think up a funny headline

  1. Employee #8 says:

    Big Ben sucks.

  2. farlane says:

    Looking back on this from the comfortable vantage of The Future Where My Benless Pistons Have Been Thumping Down on the Benfull Bulls I can say a few things:

    1. Nazr may not have been a bright spot, but the fact that he performed so poorly meant that there was a space for Chris Webber, who has been AWESOME with a capital AWESOME.

    2. Jason Maxiel is a beast and Jason Maxiell eats babies … especially Baby Bulls.

    3. I still don’t blame or dislike Wallace … but I am glad that he moved on because I think it allowed the Pistons to take it to the next level.

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