Stranger on the Beach

Stranger on the Beach

I’m looking for pictures of “sand” for a project that is not at all fun. Many times my work is fun – it’s such a regret when it isn’t.

Anyway, the photo above is a tweaked version of a photo titled wind on my beach by Joel Trembleur, which was apparently tweaked by the Tweak Elves and then left for discovery.

I don’t really know which one I like, but I do know that I like the idea that there are folks running around who delight in randomly doing nice things for others.

UPDATE:  For some reason M. Trembleur pulled the photo from his stream. While I haven’t provided the masterful treatment of the original Tweak, it’s along those lines.


3 thoughts on “Stranger on the Beach

  1. moseswilbur says:

    Wow. I mean, well– Wow.

  2. What filter did you use? or is that some kind of optical/lens effect? (disclaimer: I know nothing! when it comes to photography)



  3. farlane says:

    Actually, I didn’t take the pic. The original photo didn’t seem to use any filters. Whoever tweaked the above pic looks to have stepped on the digital filters pretty hard – loads of contrast and sharpening.

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