Imperial War Museum

So… Got a note that John Marquess had marked me as a contact in Flickr. John is apparently a 36-year-old Irishman who lives in Manchester… He takes some nice photos… I love the internet.

About that War Museum… The museum features an exhibit called The Big Picture; once an hour, the lights in the main exhibition hall are lowered, photographs and quotations from scenes of war are projected onto all of the walls, and recordings of events echo around the hall. This exhibit completes the unnerving feeling the museum is designed to create. More


One thought on “Imperial War Museum

  1. The museum is well worth a visit if even just to take photos from the outside.

  2. rockwatching says:

    Interesting site, the concept of the “big pictue at the war museum sounds very creative. i wonder if you would send a few lines from the “Belly of the Beast” ?

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