NBA Comix: Mickey Arison Wins the Game 3 Blog Battle

Mickey Arinson Wins the Game 3 Blog Battle

What can you say? Arinson clearly said "This is MY HOUSE" and ran Cuban through the spin cycle. Mark just didn't bring his A-game. "Dang it's humid?" One post?? Come on Mark, the internet needs bloggers (even if they don't have blogrolls). You gotta step it up for game 4 and bring the blogging. Give us photos, video and PLAYOFF INTENSITY.

If you're looking for "A-game" Gimme the Rock brought the heat to his live blog of the game:

Here’s a query: are the players actually holding the trophy in those commercial spots? The one Walker had looked like it could have been superimposed. Like he could have been holding a Trapper Keeper.

6:17 – Udonis is a thug. Look at that snarl. Yikes.

5:27 – Um, that was pretty Jordanesque by Wade there. Except for the free throw.

That's what I'm talking about Mr. C!

YAYSports knows where Michael Knight is. He's got video. He's got arts and crafts. He's going all out. Take some notes, Mark.

Deadspin enjoys watching Wade, From the Scene doesn't like its Gary Payton buttery (maybe Antoine Walker would), SporTech Matter will no doubt post something triumphant when he rolls out of bed after a night of celebratory salsa dancing through the streets of Miami … heck Don Johnson probably outblogged you last night.

Step it up, Mark. You're like the Bruce Wayne/Batman of the NBA – your superpower is money (and amazing access). There must be uber-geeks working for you who can turn up the heat on the Heat and help you take live-blogging to a new level. We want to know what it feels like to be sitting at Game 4 in a hostile arena. Interview some Mav fans, ask them about the creepy Miami Whites thing – is it as spooky in real life as it is on TV? Did you ever dream you'd be the owner of an NBA team (or a player) as a kid (and who was that player? mine was Pistol Pete). Give us in-game observations about Avery from an insider perspective. See if you can interview a Heat player right before halftime – shout some questions at Shaq. You're the Mavs' biggest fan, a blogger and a billionaire. Have some fun and show the world what the internet can be.

The fate of the entire blogosphere is in your hands, Mark Cuban.


11 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Mickey Arison Wins the Game 3 Blog Battle

  1. JD says:


    Sports and Tech blog. It’s brilliant!

  2. […] Farlane doesn't think Mark Cuban is taking this whole blogging thing seriously enough: Step it up, Mark. You're like the Bruce Wayne/Batman of the NBA – your superpower is money (and amazing access). […]

  3. alan ogg says:

    there’s one “n” in Arison.

  4. thehype says:

    I learn something new whenever I stop by and see the Comix; and I see that Internet Explorer now has tabs? Still won’t get me to go back though, it’s all about Firefox.

  5. Justin says:

    Oh i so love your blog, its really awsome. I love the comix here. You do an excellent job. Keep it up.

  6. farlane says:

    Thanks for the correction, Allan. I have a hard time spelling names correctly. In this case, however, I have joined with YAYSports to formally demand that Mickey Arison add that “n” to his name.

    I try to deliver that educational bang, Hype. You can probably skip school and just read this blog. Internet Explorer would have to add a heck of a lot more than tabs to get me to use it … a beer fridge maybe.

    Thanks Justin. I thought those sun pics on your blog were pretty cool too.

  7. ladysman says:

    Занятно-занятно, нигде раньше на такое не натыкался

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