NBA Comix: Backing Up Big Diesel

Backing Up Big Diesel

What can you say after a dominating performance like that? Not much except FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CUBAN, KEEP THIS KIND OF THING OFF THE INTERNET. (link NSFA – Not Safe For Anyone)

I suppose you could also wonder if Mark Cuban live-blogged his web site to death in a fit of post game glee.

OK, it has recovered. Looks like Mark has been reading this blog – Oooga Chaka. I really do appreciate that the owner of an NBA team can take some time and recognize the internet, I just wish sometimes that he had an Executive Assistant in Charge of Making Sense of Mr. Cuban's Posts.


8 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Backing Up Big Diesel

  1. T Ray says:

    I told you this would happen. Nobody has watched Dallas this year. Everyone kept trying to say that this is not the same Miami that got destroyed by Dallas TWICE. The last time I checked the roster was the same and the coach was the same. As a Mav fan I am glad that we are playing the Heat and not the Pistons. But thanks to the teamsoul-devouring Flip Saunders, we were spared. Flip is killing your Pistons.

  2. JD says:

    I was expecting a more insulting Comix towards the Heat today after that domination of a game. Your slipping farlane.

  3. JD says:


    {insert obligatory link to yet another farlane Comix here}

  4. farlane says:

    My kids LOVE the Master of Disguise, so I have seen it maybe 20 times. I figure that after the snapshot above, I figure the whole "Are you mocking me?" "Are you mocking me?" scene plays out.

    re: Flip killing my Pistons. Maybe. I'd have to wait until they didn't slash their own throats quite so messily before I'd be able to judge whether that was true or not though.

  5. quelquechose says:

    Farlane, please told me you read that Stein article about Shaq’s best quotes…something to the effect of him being an alien, and us earthlings not understanding how a man “so big, so sexy” could move like him. As much as I want to hate that guy, it’s hard to hate the mentally insane.

  6. -A. says:

    Shaq –

    Let me start by saying I want Dallas to win. I want them to sweep.

    But I am really shocked by how quickly the sports media turned on Shaq. Yes he had a bad game. But honestly I don’t think he sucked THAT bad. He would pass out of a double team and… no one would score. SOMEBODY is open somewhere but the ball never got to that person. Yep, Shaq’s free throws are becoming historically ugly-bad. Listening to guys talk and write you would think it was ALL his fault. The Heat won some games without Shaq this year. He is not their only hope.

    With that said… Miami is old.

    I really wanted to see the Suns play the Heat. General wisdom was against it, but I think the Suns would win. Yep, no one would guard Shaq. But by the end of third quarter Shaq, Mourning, Payton, Williams, Walker would be wiped out. Walker’s head would explode with all the Suns shooting threes and get caught up in the action. To watch Payton try and guard Nash for the series would be priceless.

    I will not be able to watch game three tonight.

    I expect the Heat to win. And I expect them to play hard and as dirty as they can get away with. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone get hurt tonight.

  7. laffing@MAVS says:

    Not too many entries since the mavs folded and get smacked around for games 3 – 6. I truly loved watching my Heat humiliate the Mavs owner, coach, players, and fans.

    It couldn’t have happened any better to a more classless and whiny organization than the dallas mavericks.

  8. farlane says:

    Not true. It could have happened to the Knicks.

    Truthfully, there is no organization that can match the class of Miami's "Knife Your Protege in the Back" philosophy as exemplified by Pat "Knife Your Protege in the Back" Riley.

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