NBA Comix: Lindsay Lohan’s NBA Dating Game

Lindsay Lohan's NBA Dating Game

Somebody recently asked me where I get my ideas. Looking at the above comic, I'm seriously starting to believe that aliens beam them into my head or something. I think that today was the first time I actually saw a picture of Lindsey Lohan. I also learned that Lindsay has been known to blow through $100,000 in just one day of shopping. And that she can't stay faithful to just one man. "I've become like the guy in relationships".

Gripping stuff. (fyi, here's a link on questionable safety regarding the Hasselhoff thing)
Oh … there was this game thing last night. Wade + Shaq + Nowitzki = Not Much! Jason Terry is the hero. Mavs win 90-80. That's your story. Whoopee.

Mark Cuban Billionaire Blogging Bonanza

Mark Cuban started uncertain but held to his pledge of live blogging the game:

I plan on writing this. Checking somethings and getting on the court to shoot a couple baskets. I have to shoot some baskets on the NBA Finals floor. Period end of story. I wouldnt forgive myself if i didnt.

I totally get that Mark, but would it kill you to use an apostrophe??

Hey, this is a business. So call, email, IM EVERYONE you know and ask them to turn on the TV to ABC and watch game. Lets make the blogosphere part of NBA 2.0. Lets make the NBA 2.0 part of the blogosphere.

NBA 2.0? When did that happen? What is it? If it's a business, do I get some money too? Will you pay me if I spam my buddy list? How much? Do I have to eliminate apostrophes from my posts to be a part of it all?

One of our coaches, if we win walks in the locker room with a cookie and shakes all the guys hands and says the same thing “on the left”. The Win column is on the left. It doesnt matter how you got there. You got there.

Cookie? Coaches?? If we win??? You won game 1, Mark. I want to believe but I cant – its all so confusing – can I please have my apostrophes back???


7 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Lindsay Lohan’s NBA Dating Game

  1. farlane says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Are you like the Dark Angel of the Hasselhoffian Apocalypse wherein the Four Agents of Doom are War, Famine, Night Rider and The David Hasselhoff Hooked on a Feeling Video???

    That video was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. It touched me, and I think it touched me in a Bad Way.

    He bites a salmon. A SALMON.

  2. farlane says:

    Now that’s just cruel.

  3. Justin says:

    ahh this is just absolutely cool, lol so funny!

  4. Mmmm… Cookies. So thats what they are feeding their German center to get him motivated. NBA 2.0 so does that mean NBA spam is about to boom. How about basketball phenter….., nbapharmacy?

    I prefer cookies. Oreo’s.

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