NBA Comix: The Blame Game with Gene Rayburn

NBA Blame Game with Gene Rayburn
Sorry to be so late with this today. Gene Rayburn was not at all happy being roused from the afterlife for a game show pilot (especially one as unpopular as this show is turning out to be).

Need4Sheed has a “backs against the wall graphic” and is pulling out the Opposite Strategy (kind of like Bizarro World, but without the funny talking). Detroit Bad Boys says it’s Put Up or STFU time for the Boys in Blue (I hope “STFU” means “No Yapping About Whose Fault It Is in the Media”). Sportspig says he’s busy and links to some other people (his boss is a kind of a jerk so I guess I can understand his laziness). The Cavalier has Shaq thinking he’s someone much younger, faster and not nearly so heavy and then explodes some stuff.

I’m not counting them out, but I am saying that I’m so upset with them that I hardly care about whether they win or lose. If you have a problem, you keep it in the house, at least until the season is over.

And hey, what the heck kind of picture is this??


8 thoughts on “NBA Comix: The Blame Game with Gene Rayburn

  1. […] The Pistons are playing The Blame Game […]

  2. Sweet, a mention on an NBA Comix post! Awesome! Crap, here comes the boss…

  3. Brian says:

    2 grammar errors in the Comix. That makes me so freaking angry.

  4. The Blame Game, NBA Comix by Farlane

    Another one of farlane’s brilliant comix

    If you haven’t seen them before, Andrew McFarlane designs some brilliant NBA Comix and has a great spin on Game 4 of the Heat and Pistons. From reading his site he appears to be a huge Pistons…

  5. farlane says:

    Two? I only see one. Cryptic comments from YAY Sports are what make ME freakin' angry … that and when his bandwidth is all used up like today so I can't go over and yell at him in person.

    I'm really happy that SporTech Matter linked to me, but I was reading the blog and realized that they're HEAT FANS. I felt kind of like a traitor and prayed to the Ghost of Bob Lanier for forgiveness. He told me "I'm not dead and I really wish you'd quit praying to me – it's creepy."

    To which I replied "You're a fine one to talk about creepy, Mr. Lanier, when you're wearing a Bucks jersey in the Basketball Hall of Fame."

  6. imanarshole says:

    tonights game is gonna be remembered for years to come, not because it was the year that the pistons loss to the Heat in 5 games. But because tonight was the night that the pistons turned it around and took control!!!

  7. farlane says:

    There's absolutely no reason that they couldn't. I still think that when they play their game, there isn't anyone better in the NBA right now.

    NBA Comix seems to have gone global

  8. JD says:

    We over at the SporTech Matter have nothing but love for Piston fans, just not the Pistons!

    Love your blog man keep up the good work!

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