NBA Comix: Bill Walton’s Odd but Inconclusive Playoff Matchups

Bill Walton Playoff Matchup

I hope everyone has a great weekend with plenty of basketball, BBQs, family fun and Memorial Day remembering.


11 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Bill Walton’s Odd but Inconclusive Playoff Matchups

  1. endub says:

    Awesome! It’s like I could hear Walton in my head. And it wasn’t that recurring nightmare I have about him, either!

  2. -A. says:

    That has to be SOME way for viewers and fans to let the NBA know that Bill Walton is a nightmare. I seriously turn the sound off.

    I like the toster one.

  3. Natalie says:

    I would never litter your coments with obscenities, but lets just say I hate Bill. What a tool!

  4. […] Sports Bloggers Live talked with Bill Walton on Thursday — check out the podcast for Walton's his thoughts on Guinness and basketball. And Walton is also the subject of Farlane's latest work — check out the comic for Walton's thoughts on, well, his toaster and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. […]

  5. farlane says:

    endub: I heard him in my head this morning. I stopped listening when he told me to download the soundboard from Alpine Valley ’82

    -a: the NBA knows Walton is a nightmare and they’re OK with it – he’s the second coming of Howard Cosell and the NFL would tell you that
    1) they got more hate mail about Cosell than all other announcers combined
    2) He boosted ratings immensely

    nat: Thanks for not littering!

  6. J.E. Skeets says:

    “…but it is ultimately no match for the exquisitely conditioned and explosive Wade.”

    That. Is. Perfect.

  7. James says:

    Wow, no love here for my man Bill Walton.

    Aside from the sheer hilarity of his outrageous comments (does anyone remember when he was asked to name the top 5 defenders of all time? (The answer was Jordan, Russell, a couple other guys, and “anyone else you can name, with those 4 on the court, it doesn’t matter who the 5th is)) Bill does give some interesting perspective from time to time. Plus he inevitably gets his partners (especially old Tommy Tolbert) riled up, which makes for some fun TV. I’d pay money to listen to Bill Walton instead of some PC tool like Joe Buck

  8. quelquechose says:

    his blatant love of man and superlatives makes him… well, it’s hilarious. We played NBA 2K5 and he was the announcer, and my friends and I just cracked up, because everything was why “this is the greatest game in the universe” or “he is the most divine creature on the planet.”

  9. Hornswaggled says:

    Its uncanny how I can hear Waltons voice in my head… Please make it stop!!

  10. oneeyedsteve says:

    There is no in the sports world or maybe world at large who comes close Billy-boy’s asinine sense of self-importance. He makes the average dead-head look profoundly intelligent. Bill Walton is a fraud and a douche. He’s a frouche. I found this thread googling Bill Walton and Guiness because I wanted to give my favorite brewery some hell for inducting a grade A phony into their hall of honor, whose honorary status surely just bottomed out.

  11. farlane says:

    Frouche – I love it!

    I also love how google finds this blog for weird searches … I should probably add "lederhosen" and "anna kournikova" two make sure to cover my bases…

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