NBA Comix: Playoff Monster Mash

NBA Playoff Monster Mash

Those of you who know me know that I will not use "The Funniest Ever" lightly … but this has to be the funniest NBA Comix ever … unless it's this one.

Huge thanks to the Cavalier for showing me that my concept of Vince Carter, Invisible Man was only scratching the surface with this and this. Now if his Cavaliers could just do me the favor of rolling over tonight, everything would be perfect.


4 thoughts on “NBA Comix: Playoff Monster Mash

  1. quelquechose says:

    you make hilarious nba comix (the sam cassell being ashamed of his alien parentage is something I reference on a daily basis) and then I find out you are a postions fan? All the points go to farlane! *swoon*

  2. quelquechose says:

    Not only are you a postions fan, but more importantly a PISTONS fan.

  3. farlane says:

    I'm a huge fan of positions … especially "Cavaliers on the Bottom". 😉

    I appreciate the swoon, but the lovely Mrs. Farlane has that sewn up! 

  4. farlane says:

    Check out the NBA All Uglies … I got 2 of them here.

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