far.licio.us 1.7 … almost have a the links now

In "the birth of an identity crisis", Jamelah has written one of those instant blogroll posts. You simply cannot ignore this. Amazing.

One of the best assessments I've found of why many TV companies are going to have a tough time becoming new media companies (and a really cool photo) can be found in The Angelina Jolie Guide To Running The Modern News Organization (Or Everything That’s Wrong With World News Tonight).

Detroit Bad Boys opined that 2006 is LeBron James' 1989 and has a great Jordan video. For the non-basketball fanatical reader (of which there are a few), in the '89 Eastern Conference Finals, Michael Jordan torched the Bad Boys for 46 points. The Pistons ended up winning the NBA Championship but it was the beginning of the Jordan era. There's a great shot at about 2 minutes of Laimbeer putting the sleeper hold on Jordan.

Speaking of video, is awesome. I'm tempted to see the movie solely on the merits of this awesome Transformers cgi test.


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