Emotional Robots and Boxes of Colour


Hypocritical takes on tough issues like emotional robots, Westworld and Jakob Nielsen and reminds me of how much I love Colorbox.


8 thoughts on “Emotional Robots and Boxes of Colour

  1. Great photo.

    Great blog.

    I´ll watching you. 😉

  2. farlane says:

    Can’t take credit for more than finding the photo. Glad you like the blog (do listen to the Colourbox – they are great). I wish I had learned for in 3 years of Spanish so I could comment intelligently on your blog. 😉

  3. Rick Turoczy says:

    As always, thanks for the link love. It’s nice to know that my bravery is being recognized by reputable sources.

    And thanks again for the Colourbox. Genius.

  4. farlane says:

    Reputable source? Where?

    If Jakob Nielson comes looking for you I’ll throw some “td” tags and poorly formatted XML at him to slow him down.

  5. Downloading Colorbox…
    Thanks for the recomendation. As you can see, my english isn´t good enough 😄

  6. Rick Turoczy says:

    You create a diversion. I’m growing my sideburns in preparation for battle, as we speak.

  7. farlane says:

    Good Lord man, don’t be a fool! A mere mortal cannot hope to match sideburns with Nielsen.

  8. I find the comment spammers to be like strange and sometimes helpful squirrels who will bring you some long buried nut like this post to delight you again.

    Love that photo and I would buy a Colorbox boxed set if I could find one. I recommend: Baby I Love You So (best backup singing performance by Ernest Borgnine & Snake Pliskin ever), Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse (Shoot Out) and Just Give ’em Whiskey.

    (freeeeringtones would also like to recommend the popular and free ringtones available at http://www.somthing-something.info so check that out in The Google. OK?)

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