Spinning Net Neutrality

Scott Kurtz of PVP brought out the big guns in today's comic with special guest star Harry Mudd of Star Trek "Trouble with Tribbles" fame.

Here's a faky DIY cartoon bought by the big telcos. It looks so authentic. Just like something a real live agitator would make in his basement. The telco site "Hands off the Internet" has quotations from various defenders of freedom that contains this little gem from Craig E. Moffett, Vice President and Senior Analyst, Sanford C. Bernstein and Co., LLC:

The First Amendment concerns surrounding 'Net Neutrality' are very real. But surely these concerns they can be dealt with – say, though anti-blocking provisions, or through the carve-out of a neutral 'basic tier'.

I could be wrong, but I believe he's arguing for a "basic access" that everyone would receive … sort of like basic cable.

Savetheinternet.com has a handy map that allows you to see how your reps are voting. Mike "I Vote Corporate" Rogers has predictably voted corporate again. Rogers is the sort of politician would vote in favor of deporting his own children if a major corporation gave him a few bucks.

A great place to keep up on the news surrounding NN is David S. Isenberg's isen.blog. He writes (a bit confusingly I admit):

Network Neutrality is hard to define and hard to implement. Yes. So is Democracy. So is Freedom of Religion, Interstate Commerce and Eminent Domain. But how is a different argument than whether we should or not. We. Should.


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