NBA Comix: Mustache Faceoff

NBA Mustache Faceoff
Relevance Alert! There’s actually a link for Adam Morrison’s plan’s to join the pantheon of great NBA mustaches. (not really, but let’s just pretend, OK?)

Please post your vote for the best NBA mustache below. I’ve been hearing rumors that Gillette & Schick are really interested in my blog.

Speaking of Gonzaga, I just found this site called Barats & Bereta from some Gonzaga students. Their short films are pretty funny.

UPDATE (June 28, Draft Night)

Deadspin found this amazing Adam Morrison NBA Live Mustache Commercial.

No contemplation of Adam Morrison’s mustache can be complete without a visit to Steve Nash Haircut Triggers Panic.


One thought on “NBA Comix: Mustache Faceoff

  1. farlane says:

    A reader just sent me Sports Illustrated’s Facial Hair Hall of Fame.

    The end is nigh, people.

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