I’m Thinking of … Time Travel Using Lasers

From the "I Barely Understand What the Heck They're Talking About" department comes this story from PhysOrg.com about Professor Ronald Mallett from the University of Connecticut who is positing a time machine based on circulating laser beams and has devised an experiment to test it. 

Instead of relying on super-massive objects like black holes, Mallett theorizes that since energy and mass are the same thing, light could be used to warp or loop time.

"Say you have a cup of coffee and a spoon," Mallett explained. “The coffee is empty space, and the spoon is the circulating light beam. When you stir the coffee with the spoon, the coffee – or the empty space – gets twisted. Suppose you drop a sugar cube in the coffee. If empty space were twisting, you'd be able to detect it by observing a subatomic particle moving around in the space."

Read more of Professor Predicts Human Time Travel This Century


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