Apple Leaves the OS Market

Apple Leaves OS Planet

With Boot Camp I think Apple finally got it and realizes that proprietary OSes are doomed. There is simply too much creativity loose in the world today to allow a single company to act as the enabler to what is possible with computers. Gawd, what am I, some kind of gigantical troll?? Today's updates at the bottom.

They have just recognized that and said "We're out of here" to the OS space. I'm interested to see where they turn their focus.

Schobelizer is frankly stunned by the whole thing. At least that's the impression I get from his blog. What exactly is he saying??? Bonus points to anyone who can explain his post in 3 sentences or less.

Chrono Tron says the ball is in Microsoft's court and then has a rousing game of tennis.

Robert Cringely (and Mike from Canada) feel that this is a Trojan Hourse ploy from Apple:

Microsoft LOVES Boot Camp and I am sure they'll say that shortly. After all, Boot Camp sells more copies of Windows without threatening more sophisticated products like Microsoft's own Virtual PC…

…I predict that Apple will settle on 64-bit Intel processors ASAP (with FireWire 800 please), and at that time will announce a product similar to Boot Camp to allow OS X to run on bog-standard 32-bit PC hardware, turning the Boot Camp relationship on its head and trying to sell $99 copies of OS X to 100 million or so Windows owners.

Update, April 8

Al sends along Daring Fireball's Windows: The New Classic, a beautifully writeen analysis that I feel is spot on. It also features juicy lines like:

And this points to the rather delicious conclusion that Apple is casting Windows, including Vista, as the new Classic.

Windows is so ubiquitous that the vast majority of Mac users are already quite familiar with it; I see no chance that Boot Camp is going to cause any Mac users to realize that they’ve been missing out on something better.

Oh, this is Mac-love at its most passionate. He's right though. It's an operating system with a special beauty.

Update to the Update of April 8

Full disclosure: Mac is my preferred OS.Probably obvious given my commie tendencies, but always best to be up front about such things.


3 thoughts on “Apple Leaves the OS Market

  1. Al Willis says:

    Boot Camp doesn’t have anything to do with proprietary operating systems. In fact, Mac OS X is a lot less proprietary than Window, since it’s core is Darwin and that’s open source: Try getting the source code for Windows.

    People that are paying attention (and certainly the market gets it, with the huge jump in Apple’s stock price) that means more Mac users, and therefore, more Mac OS X users. As someone described, Boot Camp is the gateway drug for switchers.

    John Gruber does an excellent job of describing how this move shows a great deal of confidence by Apple in the Macintosh, not that they’ve given up:

    — Al

  2. farlane says:

    I erred. Instead of saying:

    "I think Apple finally got it and realizes that proprietary OSes are doomed"

    I should have said

    " I think Apple finally got it and realizes that proprietary OSes are doomed and has decided to make piles and piles of money before the death of the commercial OS."

    Apple has given the world a computer that allows a user CHOICE every time it starts up, not by some geek downloading a distro that only .013% of the population will ever see but by design.

    Windows? Macintosh?

    Microsoft cannot help but respond in kind to allow booting to OS X. With Vista still over one half a year out, Apple has truly explored orifices that Microsoft wishes had been left unplumbed.

    It will be a matter of not years but months before other OSes begin to ask for (and be granted) a chance to have that choice extended on all platforms to Linux? Ubuntu? Croquet?

    The OS is dead … long live the OS.

  3. Al says:

    ” I think Apple finally got it and realizes that proprietary OSes are doomed and has decided to make piles and piles of money before the death of the commercial OS.”

    It’s still off-base. Apple knows that Mac OS X is what’s going to differentiate itself from every other hardware manufacturer. Neither Apple or Microsoft would be investing the hundreds of millions of dollars if commercial operating systems were dead. As Apple continues to push the envelope–Leopard will be the sixth major release of Mac OS X since 2001–and many users can take a look at Macs for the first time in a long, long time, they will realize that the operating system does make a difference.

    By providing Boot Camp, Apple takes away the last true obstacle to switching from Windows to the Mac: being able to run specialized applications that only exist on Windows. Now a switcher can buy a Mac without fear. For many more users, switching from Windows to the Mac just became a no-brainer.

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