Adressing the Distinct Lack of Humor of Late

Someone (I believe it was me) pointed out that there's been a bit more seriousness than is optimal on this blog of late. While I'm not feeling particularly humorous right now, I can direct you to a few things that I believe are funny.

Robot Exclusion Protocol by Paul Ford is a scream:

I am Google! I find many good things. I find that pair of underwear with the little dice printed all over them. And I watch the tape of you with the life-sized Stallman puppet. These are good unique things. Many keywords and links! My masters will say 'much good job, little robot!' Many searchers will find happy links of Stallman puppet see you! Ahhhh

Speaking of Google, if you've Googled "cowls" Francesco Marciuliano says it might be a sign that you are a super hero.

It doesn't really fit with the Google theme, but the concept of Leprechauns in Mobile, Alabama is inherently funny.


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