30 Pieces of Silver … or so

Si Se Puede!
Si Se Puede! | photo by heliotropx.

Dear US Senators and Representatives,

There is so much I could say to you about "illegal immigrants".

Like it's the phrase we use for people who are likely working for a living in the US (and for my cheap produce) and want to live in our country but were born somewhere else (or their parents were)

or that's Gerardo and Tita and the little girl in Jamie's class that he likes whose name I can't remember … and their brothers and sisters and parents and cousins. Although they may be here in violation of US law, they are not felons … and they are certainly obeying the laws of economics … and the dictates of Lady Liberty.

…or it's lucky for you they can't vote, because that House bill is appalling.

Instead, I ask you to overcome your dimestore fears of the dangers of "illegal immigrants". Guns, bombs, reckless thought and action and the fact that our economy is flying apart like a first generation Yugo – these are perils. Illegal immigrants are people, no more or less than you or I.

While you're here, you could also read A GOP faceoff over illegal immigration in the Christian Science Monitor and explain why even the more moderate Senate bill requires the would be citizen to make not one but two payments of $1,000 before receiving citizenship. Two thousand bucks? Is that all citizenship in the shining democracy on the planet is worth? I would have thought at least a hundred grand. I know Ike wouldn't have sold his for ten times that amount.


Andrew L. McFarlane

Legal Immigrant


Just found this poll on CNN asking "Would you illegally cross a border if that was the only way to make a better life for your family?" The results:

Yes 76% (66419 votes)

No 24% (21117 votes) 


4 thoughts on “30 Pieces of Silver … or so

  1. Mujerista says:

    Thanks for linking to my photo, it was my favorite one of the batch, especially after the cool effect I added in Picasa. Let’s keep fighting the good fight!

    Take care,

    Jeannette 🙂

  2. farlane says:

    Thanks Jeannette – Glad I picked your favorite!

  3. farlane says:

    Great post at one of the blogs I read why i oppose HR 4437.

  4. Bryan G says:

    I am tottaly against making the illegal immigrants into felons. BUT, they should not be allowed to stay here and recieve citizenship for free either. There are many imigrants who have gone throught the proper channels and paid the proper fees. It wouldn’t be fair at all to ask anything less of these illlegal immigrants. They came here illegaly, and they knew there was a chance they would get caught and have a price to pay, so we shouldn’t just give all of them amnesty, should we?

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