The Evolution of Torture

The Evolution of Torture
"Torture demonstrates weakness, not strength" –Dr. Burton J. Lee III

View the Abu Ghraib files from
(warning, explicit, stomach-churning images, Americans may experience feelings of WHAT THE HELL IS BEING DONE IN MY NAME)

Thanks to Thomas Paine's Corner for smacking me in the metaphorical head.


One thought on “The Evolution of Torture

  1. farlane says:

    Why yes, that is underwear on the prisoners head. Not only are we exquisitely cruel here at Abu Ghraib, we are also possessed of all the depth of humor of a 2nd grader.

    I cannot imagine a mind that would approve the concept that (even in these times of War Against Terror) it is anything but satanically barbaric to handcuff a naked man to a wall with underwear on his head. Neo-cons, presidential apologists, realpolitikists, freakin' anyone please explain to me HOW this activity does not elicit immediate demands for the punishment of those directly AND indirectly responsible.

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