Is it just me, or is it getting a little CYBERPUNKY in here??

There's Gold in them thar viriSECURITY NEWS: New Trojan is Holding Data Ransom

If you’re the unlucky victim of a new Trojan making the rounds, it’ll cost you $300 to get your data back from the Trojan’s author.

As of press time the Trojan did not yet have a common CME identifier. It is currently known as cryzip by LURHQ, Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro. Kaspersky calls it Zippo and Panda Labs calls it ZippoCryptor.

Once infected, the Trojan encrypts a user’s data in a password-protected zip file. In addition to the inaccessible files, the victim is left with a ransom note in a file titled “AUTO_ZIP_REPORT.txt.”

The file starts with the words, “INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO GET YUOR FILES BACK READ CAREFULLY.” According to LURHQ, the typo-rife ransom note continues: “Your computer catched our software while browsing illigal porn pages, all your documents, text files, databases was archived with long enought password.”


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